This is a list of engines that Don Meakin has for sale as he is selling his Flagstaff home  and needs to downsize.

Contact Don at:  602-882-3968

Classified ads listed below are from the Arizona Flywheelers's Newsletter.  Please let the editor know if you want something listed. ​

New Listing:  For Sale

The club has received generous donations of engines for sale.  
(1) Atkinson Model Engine. SOLD What makes the engine unique, all four cycles are accomplished in one revolution. Starts good and runs great. $600, 6 volt battery and charger included. Call Gary Covert for more details 928-301-0649.  see attached photo
(2) The Arizona Flywheelers has an 1947 LB 1 1/2-3 HP engine on a cart for sale. SN LB 124210. $350, runs good and starts easy, we had it running July 2020. Contact Gary Covert for more details.  see photo

New Listing:​  Parts Wanted
Stover 2 HP KA  Damper cover for mixer [cast iron] Base [between the case & skids] Stover # 32K  Exhaust rocker arm  Governor speed control, some are bolted on, some riveted. I will take either.
Fairbanks-Morse 2 HP ‘Z’ Dishpan
Head, complete or parts for a head. [springs, valves, rocker arm, rocker arm stand. 1 head stud]  Valve train parts
Pair of connecting rod bearings [really need these]
Oiler parts  Center pipe for an Essex 33 A 1 ½
Needle for a Penberthy Injector, approx. 2 2/8” long 27TPI
        Contact;  Rod or Maureen Hugunin
Home; 928/565-3120 or Cell; 928/897-0456