This is a list of engines that Don Meakin has for sale as he is selling his Flagstaff home  and needs to downsize.

Contact Don at:  602-882-3968

Classified ads listed below are from the Arizona Flywheelers's Newsletter.  Please let the editor know if you want something listed. ​

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​Working South Bend Lathe Model A Catalog # CL6442 plus misc. accessories for $3000.00   OBO,  p/u in Sedona.
Call Carol at 928-282-7549 or email
  Call Carol at 928-282-7549 or email

Wanted.  base for a 2hp. Stover KA.  Stover part # 32K
For Sale:  Fairbanks-Morse 2hp Z pancake. this is a yard art engine. so parts can be usable or only visibly good. valve train parts: push rod, cam gear [straight teeth gear], governor parts. mixer.
big wheel cart: 9" or bigger wheels for a 3 1/2 hp Hercules engine. complete cart or just running gear. call Rod 928/565-3120 or e-mail:          Rod in Kingman

New Listing:​  Parts Wanted
Stover 2 HP KA  Damper cover for mixer [cast iron] Base [between the case & skids] Stover # 32K  Exhaust rocker arm  Governor speed control, some are bolted on, some riveted. I will take either.
Fairbanks-Morse 2 HP ‘Z’ Dishpan
Head, complete or parts for a head. [springs, valves, rocker arm, rocker arm stand. 1 head stud]  Valve train parts
Pair of connecting rod bearings [really need these]
Oiler parts  Center pipe for an Essex 33 A 1 ½
Needle for a Penberthy Injector, approx. 2 2/8” long 27TPI
        Contact;  Rod or Maureen Hugunin
Home; 928/565-3120 or Cell; 928/897-0456
e-mail:   or give me a call